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Connecting brilliantly with young people

26 October 2022

Mark Fawcett

Generation Z are set to become the single largest group of consumers within this decade, and they will represent 30% of the workforce by 2025.

Add in that the youngest workers were the hardest hit by Covid lockdown, furlough, layoffs and lost education years whilst stated mental health conditions have risen by over 60%.

In seeming contrast, they have also become a very resilient generation who care passionately about improving lives, are ambitious in all the positive meanings of that word and are bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and side-hustles.

This mix of characteristics and attitudes are the reason why businesses and government are still struggling to understand and engage with Generation Z.

It’s the reason our event focussed on just that – how to ‘Connect Brilliantly with Young People’.

Skills are Critical

Young people have been told for the last decade that ‘skills’ are critical, yet they come through an education system that is subject-focussed, not skills-orientated. They are driven to learn and develop and every single engagement we have with a young person is an opportunity to help them develop a critical skill. Maximise these opportunities.

Integration drives greater Impact

Business engagement with young people happens across brand, marketing, community, and talent channels. Yet in most organisations these are separate functions with unconnected objectives, activities, and channels. This wastes opportunity and creates conflicting messages for young people. Stronger alignment is so important and brings significant advantages.

Storytelling Matters

Young people have grown up with access to a far greater range and volume of content than any generation before them. To stand out, businesses need to step up their storytelling to compete. And they need consistent messaging about who they are and what values they stand for. Be clear and loud.

Values & Happiness comes first

Young people, especially Emerging Adults aged 16-24, believe more than any other generation that being happy in their career is extremely important to their future success – they need to add value, to make a difference. ‘Being happy in my career’ was the number one, the single most important factor is a successful life – above wealth, adventure, home ownership and even relationships and fun.

Our ‘7 Guiding Principles’ for stronger engagement with young people are practical steps any businesses can take to better connect and understand Gen Z. Download your copy here.

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