Careers Unwrapped

We Are Futures podcast-led initiative Careers Unwrapped helps brands develop talent in schools

16 October 2023

A new curriculum-linked programme created by brand and social impact agency We Are Futures is helping companies to support careers development in the classroom.

We Are Futures – Careers Unwrapped

Careers Unwrapped is a podcast-led, multi-media initiative that HR professionals can use to deliver career and sector information to students.

It offers a library of careers podcasts with successful professionals, backed by free National Curriculum-linked educational material.

Lesson content is available through the National Schools Partnership (NSP), a portal that’s been in UK schools for 20 years, with 100,000 teachers registered.

The programme’s been developed by the company behind the NSP – brand and social impact agency We Are Futures.

It already works on employment strategies with clients including NatWest and Sky Arts.

Careers Unwrapped is part of its CSV commitment to improving social mobility and all materials are free to teachers.

However the agency is also developing opportunities for HR professionals to partner with them, either by providing podcast guests or by co-creating content.

Podcasts are available to students through Spotify and Apple Music, also free. After a soft launch, the series is already at number two in Apple’s careers podcast list.

Careers Unwrapped covers all industries but particularly hopes to inspire young people from diverse backgrounds into areas perceived as hard-to-access. These include finance, creative arts, entrepreneurship and STEM.

Podcast guests come from a diversity of backgrounds and ages to emphasise inclusivity.

Are you sitting comfortably?: Mark Fawcett hosts Careers Unwrapped podcast.

Already in the bag are Nick Telson, co-founder of DesignMyNight and Camilla Hoklden-Ayala who is a rising star in PR.

They give raw, honest interviews about how they started in their careers and the advice they wish they had been given.

The Careers Unwrapped podcasts are hosted by We Are Futures CEO Mark Fawcett who said: “We hope Careers Unwrapped will help teachers and students as well as giving companies the chance to develop talent in schools.

“Our careers advice system has been cut and cut and teachers are too often asked to step in without proper support.

“At the same time, students are increasingly getting a subject-focussed education that doesn’t set them up for the reality of working life.

“Teachers need resources and young people starting their careers need inspiration, not lectures. That’s what we hope Careers Unwrapped delivers.’

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