So, what exactly are young people thinking and what do they want? The Young Leaders Network offers unique insights and co-creation opportunities that enable clients to reach and engage young people in an authentic and meaningful way.

Brands and organisations commission the Young Leaders Network as a sounding board, co-creator and gateway.

  • Unique insights on audience perception, benchmarked across brands and sectors
  • Co-creation methodology designed to deliver authentic and well-planned programmes
  • A huge network of youth organisations available for amplification

The National Schools Partnership is a unique educational network of over 100,000 teachers, experts and leaders across schools and colleges in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and India.

Our members gain access to free, innovative teaching resources, including digital and physical materials, free samples, immersive events, competitions and prizes – all designed to engage young people, their families and educators.

Brands and organisations work with the NSP to reach and engage schools, teachers, young people and their families. With two decades of relationship building under its belt, it’s the trusted gateway to create and shape mutually rewarding, future-facing relationships.

We know the value of great partnerships. For more than two decades ours have been central to the behaviour change, educational programmes and skills-building we’ve delivered for our clients, so that they can improve young people’s futures.

Today we organise the partners in our Partnership Network into five global groups:

  • NGOs
  • Charities
  • Education Partners
  • Media Partners
  • Tech Partners

They are chosen for their relevance (expertise, standing, accreditation), their reach and their footprint (regionally, nationally and/or globally). It means that we can choose the right partner to collaborate and co-create with or to endorse and promote our programmes. This way we meet the different needs of each client.





Education Partners


Media Partners


Tech Solutions

It takes a village. Given the importance and influence of inner circles, you don’t just have to win over the hearts and minds of young people. You must also convince the parents, family, carers, and teachers around them. These are the people who play critical roles in shaping the futures of these radically different generations. That’s why it’s vital your brand or organisation engages and connects with them too.

So how do you get to know this entourage of concerned adults and then get them onside? Through the partnerships we’ve forged with key parent and carer organisations.

As experts in education and children’s futures via our own National Schools Partnership, parent and carer groups look to us a strategic partner.

In return, they provide us with their rounded views, offer an additional source of insights, opportunities for activation and amplifications that work for them and the young people in their lives.

Our Social Impact Barometer© analyses, measures and ranks 100 leading brands according to how 16-24 year-olds think and feel about them. Across retail, technology & entertainment, food & drink, transport, energy, and finance. Just how well do these brands really understand young people? How well do the messages they want to get across actually resonate?

The Barometer provides the answers. It profiles over 85,000 young people at almost 22 million data points and conducts an in-depth language analysis across social media, job sites, websites & corporate reports. Then it ranks brands by their role as career maker, for individual development, learning, community & sustainability, and overall.

The result: we identify which brands are paying attention, staying relevant, and getting closer to young people. Be a brand that knows what matters to the Mass Markets of Tomorrow.

Our leadership team

Mark Fawcett

Founder We Are Futures

My whole working life has revolved around the excitement of seeing and supporting children and young adults to maximise their potential. From training young soldiers to leading youth expedition teams in South America; and from working in early Education Action Zones to social mobility strategies and school governorships. I have seen first-hand what the right sort of well-planned, brilliantly executed creative ideas can do to help young people develop the knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes to succeed.

As the founder of We Are Futures in 2004 (then called National Schools Partnership) I have been fortunate enough to work with brilliant colleagues and clients who have the energy, brain power, optimism, and courage to make a difference with their work. I set up our agency to encourage and support more businesses to do more (and better) to understand and raise the impact of their engagement with young people. And in doing so to reap the brand, social and talent recruitment benefits such work brings.  It’s a win-win-win for young people, their parents and teachers, and for our clients and communities.

We will continue to push forward with this belief and our work and the values with which we started.

Alex Young

Managing Director

Having spent a career working in advertising, digital and integrated marketing agencies, both at large groups such as WPP and in smaller independents, I felt the need for a change. To build more positive outcomes not just for clients but for the audiences involved too. To put the skills I had developed in the commercial and creative worlds to more purpose-driven aims.

I found the answer in We Are Futures, its clients, and our unique focus on building mutually beneficial partnerships with young people.

My job is to ensure we continually provide our clients with the most powerful and connective solutions, while providing our audiences with enhanced opportunities, learning, development, careers skills and more, to set them up more positively for life.

I’m proud of the work we do at We Are Futures, our forward-thinking clients that share our vision, and of course the teams at our agency that make it all happen.

The focus on young people continues at home too, helping to support and guide through both the good and challenging moments of growing into adulthood!

John Banks

Corporate Strategy Director

I’ve been in the advertising business all my life, starting out as a graduate trainee at Colman Prentice & Varley, the Saatchi and Saatchi of the 60s. From there I went on to Leo Burnett LPE, initially in the research team and then to client services.

Ogilvy and Mather was next where I became the youngest Director, and ran Ford, The Times and new business. In the 80s I joined Young & Rubicon as UK Chairman, and was then promoted to the Y&R Inc board in New York becoming International Chairman of Europe Africa Australia and New Zealand.

I started my own agency Banks Hoggins O’Shea which became a top 10 agency in the UK, and was bought by Foote Colne and Belding.

Since then I have chaired a number of companies, consult senior leaders, have been Honorary Secretary of the IPA for many years, Chairman of NABS, and President of the Solus Club.

Anna Brocklehurst

Client Partner/Board Director

I have a wealth of expertise that I bring to We Are Futures with over 20 years’ experience working in education and skills-focused communications projects.  I am especially passionate about social impact and behaviour change projects, and lead some of our best client work supporting Account Teams to deliver programmes and providing oversight and challenge. Before joining We Are Futures my background spanned central government communications, the third sector and work for media agencies in China.

The common theme across my career has been education and learning – and the incredible impact it can have on today’s young people and the organisations who work with them. I head up our Scottish office in Edinburgh and in my spare time can be found standing around football pitches (waiting), hanging around rivers or lochs (waiting) and climbing hills …with my three incredibly active boys, husband and enormous dog.

Luke Burley

Client Partner/Board Director

Over my entire career I’ve always been fascinated by the power content has to shape the way we see the world. Understanding an audience and how the right content can deliver value is something I’m passionate about.

Working at We Are Futures has allowed me to work with clients who want to add genuine value to young people and their families. Through our insight, unique networks and incredibly creative team we are able to reach and engage audiences in a way that brings huge value to both our clients and the young people they engage with.

I love being able to sit in front of a client knowing we can offer them something so powerful, and in a way that no one else can!

Sarah Hazlehurst

Sales & Marketing Director

I have over 20 years’ experience in marketing and have worked at creative, media, and events agencies. As Marketing & Sales Director at We Are Futures I am responsible for winning new business and putting forward compelling strategic reasons as to how we can help brands to solve their business needs, whilst at the same time making a real difference to young people and their families.

I also oversee our marketing programme to ensure we showcase all the amazing work that we do, whether that is on social media or on our website, winning awards for our clients, and demonstrating our thought leadership around young people through the content we produce and at speaker events. I’m proud to work at We Are Futures as we create purpose driven work that makes such a positive impact on peoples’ lives. That shines through in our company culture, which is supportive, kind, diverse, and inclusive. There is a buzzy atmosphere at the agency in creating long lasting partnerships and connections which makes it a great place to work. In my spare time I can be found planning my next adventure – whether it is a road trip across the States or visiting the latest pop-up experience or exhibition.

Belinda Surjadi

Client Service Director

I started my working life in youth marketing and have spent my whole career agency side in client focused roles. My first day at We Are Futures was over 10 years ago, now I’m proud to lead our Client Service team, as well as contribute to the wider business direction in my remit as board member. With more and more businesses recognising the power of purpose driven marketing there is no better time for the work we do.

My role as Client Service Director is to ensure our clients are kept at the heart of everything we do. I love getting under the skin of our clients businesses, helping solve real commercial challenges whilst also delivering meaningful social impact.

I’ve had the privilege of supporting some of the most forward thinking and dynamic organisations around to achieve their marketing and CSR goals. These include Sky, Adobe, Samsung and Unilever to name a few. Together we have built inspiring initiatives that help young people develop digital skills, participate in the arts, use tech for good, and drive healthy hygiene habits.

On a personal note I’ve always had an interest in working with young people. Over the years I’ve taken on various mentoring roles with a focus on supporting disadvantaged youth. At We Are Futures I lead the work we do around ‘opportunity’ including heading up our own work experience programme and local schools partnership. As a mother of two I feel even more passionately in creating a positive and equitable future for all young people.

Outside of work one of my big loves is travel. Being half English and half Indonesian I’ve always had an appreciation and interest in different cultures and whilst holidays are a bit different with two young kids (!) I hope to continue these adventures for many years to come!

David Walker

Commercial & Finance Director

Every day I am lucky enough to have the privilege of working with creative, engaging, professional and passionate people. It’s the best part of the job, and the main thing that attracted me to the industry over 20 years ago. I still love being able to be a small part of helping businesses within the advertising, marketing and media industry flourish and grow.

I have a real passion for the support and value my team can bring across the operational, commercial and financial aspects of the business. Making our back office functions tick so our talented teams can be focused on delivering the incredible purpose driven work we create for our clients is something I find truly enjoyable and rewarding.

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