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Brand Purpose & Social Impact

We work hand in hand with you to define what you stand for and how this should translate into aligned and inspiring social impact.

Following a rigorous and proven methodology, we begin by examining your competitor context and landscape, evaluating your existing strategies and activities, and analysing your social impact footprint.

Benchmarking and mapping out brand strengths and challenges, defining areas of opportunity and fixing the criteria for measuring success.

Helping develop your brand proposition, research and test it with your target audience, and draw up an action plan as a prelude to implementation.

Behaviour Change Programmes

We examine your brand/organisation’s capacity to change behaviour and the opportunities available to it.

Evaluating existing activities against our proven behaviour change frameworks, mapping out areas of strength and areas for improvement, and defining criteria for measuring success.

Helping develop strategy, in consultation with our youth and teacher networks and expert partners, before user concept testing and implementation of the final action plan.


We define your brand/organisation’s role in education and identify future opportunities.

Evaluating any existing education activities and analysing the competitive landscape you operate in. We map out areas of strength and identify areas for improvement and define the metrics for measuring success.

Devising effective education strategies through our proven education framework, in consultation with our youth and teacher networks and expert partners.

Getting you to a concept test, before making programme recommendations and implementing an action plan.

Our Social Impact Barometer tool analyses, measures and ranks 100 top brands according to how 16-24 year-olds think and feel about them.

Across retail, technology, entertainment, food and drink, transport, energy and finance. Just how well do these brands really understand young people? How well do the messages they want to get across actually resonate?

The Barometer provides the answers. It profiles over 52,000 young people at almost 100,000 data points and conducts an in-depth language analysis across social media, job sites, websites and corporate reports.

Then it ranks brands by emotional connection, their role as career maker, and for individual development, learning, community and sustainability.

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Make GEN Z Your Business

Discover the 7 guiding principles to inspire better connections with young people. A customer, an employee and an advocate. GENERATION Z is your future. Different and so distinct from other generations, how exactly does your brand or business engage with young people post pandemic.