2 of 4: Gen Z Values: Shaped by austerity and persistent inequality

29 June 2021

Gen Zs are passionate about issues relating to social equality. In part, this can be explained by them growing up in the social information age. This has given them more access from an earlier age to news about social inequality than any other generation before them.

Their views were shaped during a recession, when issues of corporate social responsibility, diversity and social fairness were high on the agenda. But through their own eyes they have seen the persistence of inequality in many forms, amplified by high profile campaigns such as #BLM and #ReclaimTheStreets.

April this year saw H&M launch their ‘Role Models’ campaign: a global initiative to find and empower the kids that are making progress on social equality, sustainability, education and more. While the UK launch of Unilever’s Lifebuoy included a focus on addressing hygiene inequality – by distributing product to schools in deprived areas of the UK.

Today’s Young People see through corporate greenwashing and the disingenuous support that many brands have shown toward causes like BLM and #ReclaimTheStreets. Could the next movement you consider supporting benefit from an ‘Ideas for Young People, by Young People’ approach?

Almost half of all Gen Z social views are in constant flux.

Investing in my development is of more value to me than sponsoring a festival or pushing their products at me with celebrities  or whatever.”– Gen Z survey participant

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