We Are Futures releases Social Impact Barometer evaluating brand perception among 16-24 year olds, Marketing/ Beat

29 June 2022

Tom West, Marketing/Beat

London-based brand agency We Are Futures has created a ‘social impact barometer’ which measures and analyses 100 top brands according to how they are perceived by the 16-24 year-old demographic.

The results from the agency’s 2022 ‘barometer’ revealed that tech firms Nintendo and Google alongside sports brand Adidas were top of the tree when it came to paying attention, relevance and ability to connect and engage with the 16-24 demographic.

We Are Futures’ barometer also surveyed employee perception, with US tech brand Apple consistently ranking highest, Costa, eBay, Depop and NatWest filled out the top five.

The tech and entertainment sector generated the largest volume of conversation within the age group and was also revealed as the key sector which drove conversations around sustainability, with Apple and Google leading the charge.

Through retrospective evaluation of the last three editions of the barometer, NatWest was found to be the most improved brand in terms of youth engagement, with IKEA and LinkedIn also achieving consistent gains.

“Brands thrive when they connect in a meaningful and authentic way,” We Are Futures head of strategy and networks, Daniel Kranz said.

“From being seen as an employer of choice that accelerates careers to being a brand that tackles societal needs, there are numerous ways for brands to stand out; not just amongst direct competitors, but across verticals.”

We Are Futures CEO and founder, Mark Fawcett added: “Their value as consumers, employees and drivers of trends will grow enormously over the next few years so it is crucial that brands are reaching this demographic.

“How a brand is perceived publicly no longer just comes down to the type of ads they put out, it is a combination of their marketing, their community involvement, the benefits they offer to consumers and the way they connect and engage with people individually.

“A CMO who is not considering everything from touchpoints to tone of voice, messaging and value add will miss out on the opportunity to future proof their business.”

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