Building an online presence for The Hengelings

11 October 2018

We helped the creators of new children’s TV show, The Hengelings, build an online presence to generate interest and support.

The Hengelings uses stop-motion puppets and a large model replica of Stonehenge, to indulge a young audience into a world of fantasy, adventure and humour. Set firmly within the boundaries of the ancient English monument – each narrative begins with the sun rising over the famous stones to reveal a small family of friendly stone-like creatures that inhabit the site. Each episode ends with the sun setting over the circular ‘henge’ and the creatures returning to bed.

The Hengelings are well meaning and playful characters serving to maintain an equilibrium of the natural world they inhabit. The underlying theme to all the stories is a positive environmental message told through the mystery and mythology of Stonehenge.


Each Hengeling resembles the standing stones of Stonehenge, with names associated with the famous landmark. There are four Hengelings in total, SARCEN, the father, SOLSTICE, the mother, LINTEL, the young girl, and MORTICE, the young boy. They inhabit a circular, magical land of wonder and learning, where imagination is key.

The Hengelings speak through expressive sounds rather than words, which allows each narrative to unfold visually. Each story is helped along by the narrator, ‘The Wise Old Stone’ an Easter Island inspired figure of a face carved into a giant standing stone – the fifth character and anchor point of each story.

A engaging and creative teaser trailer, we can’t wait to see more!


If you’d like to know more about how we can help you build an online presence to engage young people then please contact Ash Cheah-Lordon 020 7198 8420, or email ash.cheah-lord@wearefutures.com

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