We are Futures….the story so far

18 February 2018

By Mark Fawcett – CEO

About 14 years ago, with the support of friends and education organisations, I launched National Schools Partnership as a specialist agency to help businesses and charities do more, better work with schools and young people.

Since then, with amazing clients and colleagues, we have helped tackle obesity, run the world’s biggest free film festival, got more kids doing more sport, improved diversity in STEM careers and much more. Together we have helped millions of young people be inspired to learn, play, explore and raise their horizons and ambitions.

And now in a new chapter, as ‘We are Futures’, our focus has expanded to include all young people under 25. We exist to help clients maximise the impact of all their activity with this crucial audience – across brand, talent, community and corporate ambitions.
Young people have never been as important to businesses and organisations.

They are;

  • A market with £32bn purchasing power by 2020 – when brands are desperately seeking growth in slower and turbulent economic times
  • The generation with the strongest natural tech skills and understanding – in a time when companies’ tech needs are growing too quick for many to keep up
  • The generation more capable of, and wanting to, cause real social disruption and change – when businesses, more than ever, need to show a purpose beyond profit
  • The most ethnically diverse age group society has seen – when diversity is top of the agenda for employer brands
  • The generation achieving the highest education results ever – but lacking the skills they and businesses need to get ahead.

Young people in a school environment looking at media on devices

There are more than 20 million young people under 25 in the UK. They are today’s consumers,
trendsetters and influencers. They are tomorrow’s innovators, employees and leaders.
Businesses that engage more impactfully and effectively with young people, and who measure
the impact of their activities, will be more successful. Those that don’t risk competitive disadvantage and lost opportunities.

At We are Futures, we have the expertise, ideas and networks to help you connect with, understand and make lasting positive social and commercial impacts for your organisation and for young people.

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