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No paper cups here this Global Recycling Day

It’s no secret that the world’s oceans are under threat by the amount of waste making its way into the water. In fact, if we continue creating as much waste as we do, by 2020 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! It’s time we did something about it.

Spearheaded by Account Executive, Elle Djukic, We are Futures are proud to say that our office building is now paper cup free. Elle said,

I noticed our building was supplying paper cups right next to the mugs in our kitchen, and it seemed so unnecessary. These paper cups are very difficult to recycle because of the waterproof lining so it was completely wasteful too. Around 2.5 billion paper cups are being thrown away in the UK every year, so I decided to contact the building management team and do something about it. I lobbied for them to remove all paper cups and encourage the use of the mugs provided, and I am pleased to say that they agreed. It didn’t happen overnight, but it shows that one person can make a difference.

Over the last year, our National Schools Partnership has been helping to reduce waste with some wonderful recycling programmes; Young people are being encouraged to reduce their plastic usage with Sky Ocean Rescue, over 4 million batteries have already been recycled as part of the Big Battery Hunt and pupils in Scotland have been learning to become #LitterLiterate. By harnessing the power of young people, we hope to create long-lasting behaviour change towards waste, but change starts right here with us.

Collage of schools children with battery collections


If you’d like to know more about our recycling programmes and how we can help you mobilise young people to make an impact, please contact Ash Cheah-Lord on 020 7198 8420, or email  

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