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Report Front Cover: Building Brilliant Futures Today
Report Front Cover: Building Brilliant Futures Today


Why and how businesses should prioritise connecting with Emerging Adults

Five million ‘Emerging Adults’ (aged 16-22) in the UK are a critical cohort of young people within Generation Z whom businesses are failing to connect with effectively. They will soon represent a substantial 40% of the consumer market and 30% of the workforce. They are the most diverse generation ever and have the strongest natural digital skills at a time when the technological needs of business are growing too fast for many to keep up.

Too many organisations are failing to appreciate how vital our Emerging Adults are to Britain’s economy and that they are already leading commercial and social change that is impacting on business. They are today’s trendsetters and innovators and tomorrow’s leaders. Organisations need to understand and connect with them right now if they are to secure growth and success in a post-Brexit UK. If businesses assume traditional efforts to attract them will continue to work, they are wrong. The implications are particularly acute for those working in Human Resources (HR) and talent acquisition, for those responsible for marketing and brand, and for those with community relations and social responsibility in their remit.

In early 2018, we commissioned new independent research to find out more about this crucial cohort of Emerging Adults across the UK. Our new report combines a review of 30 global Generation Z studies, this independent quantitative and qualitative research and our 15 years of experience working with businesses and young people.

This report will help any business deliver greater commercial and social impacts from their engagement with young people. And avoid the market risks of not doing so effectively, and immediately.

It provides businesses with findings and insights to help you gain a better understanding of how to create more meaningful connections with young people and contains actionable recommendations and 7 new principles to help:

  • HR & Talent teams better recruit, retain and motivate 
  • skilled younger staff
  • brands earn deeper respect and build more lasting relationships with this cohort
  • Corporate and Community teams deliver stronger youth connections and positive social impacts


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