Making an impact with We are Futures

11 October 2018

Y’rite? It’s a greeting, an acknowledgment and a rhetorical question simultaneously. Aside from football and discussing the weather, tea drinking seems to be taken very seriously here. Living in London is a coming of age ritual for young Australians and Kiwis – an opportunity to travel Europe, kick start a career and live in a big city. Sacrificing vitamin D and accepting the exorbitant cost of renting a flat seems insignificant in comparison to the invaluable experience of living abroad in such a diverse and eclectic city.

Working at We Are Futures, a unique youth engagement agency, was the icing on the cake of my London experience. Working for an organisation with a genuine social purpose, delivering campaigns and working with clients towards having a positive impact on young people was enjoyable, and instils a sense of worth and purpose.


We are Futures team in a photo booth with explorer gear at the superbugs exhibition at the science museum


Whether we were driving a behaviour change to create a culture of recycling in UK schools with Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt, working with Always & Tampax to #EndPeriodPoverty through free sanitary pad donations to thousands of girls in the UK or delivering the world’s largest youth film festival with Into Film, inspiring over 500,000 young people over 2,800 events across 600 venues, I was part of making a difference for young people.

We Are Futures, and the talented, friendly individuals who work cohesively as a team, has contributed to creating one of the most positive work experiences I have had. As my two year working visa has come to an end, and as sad as I am to have left the organisation, the warm weather is being embraced with open arms.


Take a look at our careers page and find out more about our Young Leaders Network here.

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