Getting Immersed in all things Science at New Scientist Live

31 October 2018

New Scientist is one of the most popular magazines in the UK and its show, New Scientist Live, is no different. For a few days of the year New Scientist Live takes over East London, putting on a brilliant event in the ExCel showcasing all the amazing scientific developments of the past year. This year, We are Futures was lucky enough to get two tickets to go along, check out all of the cutting edge technology and listen to inspiring thought leaders.

Ben Ryall posing in front of a green screen holding a green sheet to cover his body and a member of world skills live uk staff taking pictures on an iPad

Ben trying out some of the activities!

First up was a talk on the future of batteries, specifically within cars. We found out how batteries are made and how developments are forthcoming, yet there still remains a lot to be done in order to introduce fully electronic cars around the globe – we’re getting there though and the technology is fascinating! We caught a glimpse of the impressive (and magical!) BP stand, where they explained how they’re fully on-board with advancing renewable energy, especially for car battery charge points.

Two young visitors building jenga-like blocks up A man demonstrating nueral activity with a helmet with protruding electrodes and wires, holding a fake skull.

Next up it was a talk on AI, “Should we be worried robots are going to take our jobs?” asked Anne-Marie Imafidon – not quite. The technology is advancing rapidly and it’s important we educate ourselves and the future generation to understand it so we don’t fall behind, but a Will Smith, i, Robot world is fortunately not on the horizon.

New Scientist Live is a great show of all the technological advancements being used for good in the world, you don’t have to be a science buff to enjoy yourself and I can’t wait for next year!


Find out more about the show here

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