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four separate images of young people enjoying activities with the letters Y-O-Y-P in each image
four separate images of young people enjoying activities with the letters Y-O-Y-P in each image

Celebrating young people in Scotland with the Year of Young People

By Anna Brocklehurst – Account Director (Scotland)

2018 is a big year for Scotland’s young people, and for businesses across the country who want to engage or work with young people.

The Year of Young People, a nation-wide initiative spearheaded by the Scottish government, brings together a huge range of activities and events celebrating Scotland’s youth.

There are 20 million under 25s in the UK today, today’s consumers, trend setters, influencers and tomorrow’s innovators, employees and leaders. Ensuring your company is engaging them, and not lagging behind in this space is critical to growth – for your business and for today’s young people.

Two young people smiling in the sun with the year of young people logo

At We are Futures, we help businesses to effectively engage with young people, and are really excited about the Year of Young People here in Scotland. Our Edinburgh team spend lots of time already working with and talking to young people, and this special year marks a real opportunity for businesses to really improve how they work in this space. We already know that:

  • 81% of young people today expect their favourite brands to make a public commitment to good citizenship
  • Generation Z will account for 40% of all customers by 2020

And later in May we will publish findings from research we have commissioned looking specifically at how to:

  • Better engage young people with their brand
  • Create greater sales impacts
  • Create more impactful engagement with young people across their whole business, and the benefits that creates and the risks that avoids

Many of our clients have demonstrated their commitment to young people this year:

  • We continue to help RBS reinvigorate their signature financial educational programme by injecting relevant, robust content and inspiring digital elements into their nationwide MoneySense programme in schools.
  • In Livingstone and London, we have worked with Sky to help them focus their vision to improve six key employability skills under the umbrella of Sky Academy, and take the SKY brand into schools and homes across the country.

Get in touch with the team in Edinburgh on 01315571547 to discuss how your company can make the most of the incredible opportunities afforded by this important year in Scotland. If you’d like to be kept up to date with our research, please drop us an email at

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