1 of 4: Gen Z Interests: hard-to-pin-down stimulation seekers

22 June 2021

Gen Z are a moving target, difficult to classify into neat brackets. More fluid than any other generation. They tend to move between multiple interests, cultural genres, opinions and even identities. They themselves attribute much of what makes them unique to growing up in the age of social media.

While some of them are critical of social media’s contribution to higher levels of anxiety, they also praise it for the opportunities it has given them to learn and embrace change.

With fluidity has come the expectation of stimulation and choice in terms of their education, career path and work role. Companies that fail to appreciate the fluidity of Gen Z and instead treat them as a homogenous group with linear career paths and singular interests will fail to engage them.

Avon’s #LiftLockPop set out to reach Gen Z over TikTok. Their inaugural TikTok campaign is a Branded Hashtag Challenge #LiftLockPop, supporting its latest beauty innovation, Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara. The lash lifting mascara is a ‘content perfect’ product for the campaign as users can enjoy watching the lift and lock transformation.

While our own work for brands such as Nike, has provided stimulation to some young people they weren’t consciously aware they needed. Our Nike Training Club helped to turn brand fans into athletes!

Could you step in to provide support & stimulation to your emerging consumers & Gen. Z natives? Brands that can are much more likely to gain & retain their custom.

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